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FSI Language Courses Donation

FSI Language Courses
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Please consider helping to support the website with hosting costs and the application development with a small donation. 

The site is very popular, which is great! People get real enjoyment out of these wonderful free courses

However, they are downloading very large files which costs a lot of bandwidth each month with the hosting provider.

There have been over 486,885 visitors to the website and a whopping 52,000+ downloads!!

Also, as detailed in the blog - plans for the FSI website - I am currently developing an application to make the courses more modern and accessible. It's a mammoth task and I am struggling to do it alone.

I have never or taken donations in the 5+ years running the site. But I would like to spend more time developing the site and lowering the hosting costs.

I thank you sincerely for considering a donation.

Darren - FSI site admin

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Thank you kindly for considering a donation

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