FSI Mega Download Bundle

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FSI Mega Download Bundle

FSI Language Courses
4 ratings

High-speed download for all the FSI language courses.

60+ courses! - including multiple Spanish, French, and German courses.

Over 30GB worth of material. 

500+ hours of foreign language audio.

Support the FSI Language Course digitization project with this download bundle.

Spanish Courses

  • Spanish Programmatic Course
  • Spanish Basic Course
  • Headstart for Latin America Course
  • Headstart for Puerto Rico Course
  • Headstart for Spain Course

French Courses

  • Introduction to French Phonology
  • French Basic Course
  • French Fast Course
  • Sub-Saharan French Fast
  • French Headstart for Belgium Course

German Courses

  • German Programmed Introduction Course
  • German Basic Course
  • German Fast Course
  • German Headstart Course

Chinese Courses

  • Cantonese Basic Course
  • Standard Chinese Course

Italian Courses

  • Italian Fast Course
  • Italian Programmed Course
  • Italian Headstart Course

Arabic Courses

  • Amharic Basic Course
  • Written Arabic Course
  • Levantine Arabic Course
  • Saudi Arabic Basic Course

Other Courses

  • Bengali Course
  • Bulgarian Basic Course
  • Cambodian Basic Course
  • Czech Language Course
  • Conversational Finnish Course
  • Fula Basic Course
  • Greek Basic Course
  • Hausa Basic Course
  • Hebrew Basic Course
  • Hungarian Basic Course
  • Igbo Language Course
  • Japanese Headstart Course
  • Japanese Fast Course
  • Kirundi Basic Course
  • Kituba Basic Course
  • Korean Basic Course (new)
  • Korean Basic Course (original)
  • Korean Headstart Course
  • Lao Basic Course
  • Lingala Basic Course
  • Luganda Course
  • Nepali Course
  • Norwegian Headstart Course
  • Persian Language Material
  • Polish Fast Course
  • Portuguese Programmatic Course
  • From Spanish to Portuguese Course
  • Brazilian Portuguese Fast Course
  • Russian Language Course
  • Serbo-Croatian Basic Course
  • Shona Basic Course
  • Sinhala Basic Course
  • Swahili: an active introduction course
  • Swedish Basic Course
  • Tagalog Language Course
  • Thai Basic Course
  • Turkish Basic Course
  • Twi Basic Course
  • Yoruba Basic Course

** Money Back Guarantee **

If you're are not fully satisfied with the contents of the download, then please contact me within 30 days and I will happily refund you, no questions asked.

Each and every course is already free and in the public domain - but it's very slow to download. This package provides you access to my high-speed Amazon server for super-fast downloads. 

Please know it is not cheap to provide 30GB worth of download to so many language enthusiasts.

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Access all 60 language courses in one

500+ hrs
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